ALERT!!! Scam by Spam…just who is Viola Wilson ?

Posted: June 28, 2011 in media
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The following is a SCAM alert to all my followers, friends and family!

I was recently contacted by email through one of my Craigslist ads by someone going under the alias of Viola Wilson.  No, this is not the wife of Mr. Wilson who was the neighbor of Dennis the Menace or another sibling of the Wilson sisters from the famed rock group Heart.  Viola Wilson is more likely a hairy Nigerian man too lazy to do an honest days work.

The scam this elephant dung attempted was the one where they claim to want your services, then FedEx you a check for more than your services.   They then request you deposit the check and send them the balance of the overpayment via Western Union to an address in another state.  This is a scam that has grey hairs all over it considering how long it has been going on.  The sad part is people still fall for it.  By the time your bank notifies you the check from the sender is fake, you have already sent your real money to the address the sender provided.  You never see the money again!

I’m just happy that I made the hairy Nigerian pay the cost for a FedEx overnight package and in return, they got nothing.

Several agencies are now involved since someone is currently on the other end waiting for me to send them money.  The Montgomery County Police, FBI, Secret Service and Sandy Spring Bank all have made copies of the paperwork and fake check.  Viola, if you are out there, shave your back and go into hiding.  They’re coming after you!

Here is the email I received this morning about the check.

  1. Carlye says:

    I just want to say that I was a victim of a not so different scam involving e-bay. I placed an item for sale (very expensive) and the buyer requested overnight shipping. They sent me a fake, but convincing pay pal email that said pay pal received the buyer’s payment, and they’d release the payment to my account as soon as I sent them the tracking number from Fed Ex.
    Well I fell for it… sent them the item, never got my money… neither ebay nor pay pal would help me and I ended up filing with the internet crime complaint department of the FBI… but nothin… Thank goodness my homeowner’s insurance was able to see it as theft and covered the loss.

    • Carlye, I’m glad you were able to recover the loss from your insurance company. We knew this one was a scam from the very beginning. We just wanted to see how far they would go. I had 3 others just like it sitting in my email box and now there is no communication from them since I posted this blog. It makes me believe they are all the same person.

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